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Entering an old typography, you are immediately struck by the strong and acrid smell of ink that mixes with that of the wood from which the containers are made. The ancient printing machines, now silent, fill almost entirely the space of the room and the remaining part is occupied by large wooden drawers that contain...
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I came across the “Barcode House” along the winter walk which is located in Merano on the right side of the Passirio river. This house has been nicknamed so because of the huge painted bar code that can be seen on two of its external walls. On the front wall, next to the drawing, you...
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The clown character represents one of the most symbolic figures of that magical show which is the Circus. But what has been called “the greatest show in the world” also includes the tamer, the juggler, the acrobat and many other characters with minor but equally characteristic roles. \nEveryone seems to belong to a more carefree...
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(c) Antonio Napoli / Fotoquid