about me


Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Antonio Napoli, I was born in 1962 and I have been a photographer since I was a kid. I approached the world of photography when, during second grade, I was assigned an essay: the topic was to describe the place I would have spent my summer break.

Knowing that writing was not my cup of tea, I decided to enrich the essay by including some pictures taken with my parent's camera: a simple, cheap Kodak Instamatic 33 which could shot squared pictures and which had just two camera modes (sun or cloud/flash).

I spent part of that summer break in a small village in Liguria, by the sea, and I decided to describe everyday life of local fishermen with a reportage of about 10 photographs. The younger men, still in activity, were working everyday arranging and preparing their fishing nets; the elder ones, already retired, were spending their days building a miniature model of the boat on which they sailed for their whole lifetime.

The majority of these pictures were lost but, when I think back to that summer break, I can still hear the stories and the tales of those men which were fishermans but, most importantly, human beings: that was my first photostory.

Antonio Napoli / Fotoquid